Using Science To Find The Highest Quality CBD Oil, Tinctures, Capsules & More

We started to help answer the question: what is the highest quality, safest, and most effective CBD oil?  

Unfortunately, with the explosion of over 1,000+ CBD based brands launched in 2019 it’s virtually impossible for consumers to tease out which companies are invested in making the highest quality CBD products versus those looking to make a quick buck off the hype and lack of reliable market information.  

Did you know that according to a University of Pennsylvania study, 70% of CBD products are not what they claim to be?

They often have much less CBD than advertised and/or have contaminants and molds from sub-par manufacturing processes.

What if there was a company out there that rigorously tests the thousands of CBD products in a scientific laboratory for you? Do the statements and claims from the manufacturer seem too good to be true?

Our team started trying to answer the question of how to understand and identify the best CBD oils and other products because we have first hand experience with the effectiveness of CBD in our daily lives. Answering this question for our team is as much a personal endeavor as it is a company mission. 

Prior to launching we tested over 250 products with our independent laboratory partners. After spending tens of thousands of dollars, to our surprise less than 50 products met our standards of having as much CBD as claimed, no residual solvents, and no molds or mildews. This rate of passable products is surprisingly close to those the University of Pennsylvania released. 

We’re also taking our results a step further. Using our team of science advisors we’re isolating the highest quality CBD products based on the most recent scientific journals. As of September 2019 there are over 200 clinical trials and many more academic studies being performed on CBD for a range of effects including acne, pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and more. 

We’ve compiled all the known information about cannabinoids, terpenes, and other ingredients to build an algorithm that helps you better choose the product for your needs. You can find that information on every product page on our site in the form of three horizontal bar graphs showing you what the product is best designed for, like this below:

We plan to continue testing products indefinitely, constantly trying to identify and source the most efficacious CBD products in the market. No one has been willing to be a watchdog in the CBD market, so we are motivated to take on this task.