The Truth About Lab Testing - The Cannabis Industry's Dirty Little Secret

We have mentioned in other blog posts how important analytical testing is to have verified lab tested CBD products. First, to know that your product is void of harmful chemicals is important. After that you want to know if the amount of CBD on the label is correctly listed.

Many brands are now posting their third party CBD test results (called Certificate of Analysis or COA) to help customers make informed decisions on their products. But can you trust these results?

Here at TruPotency, we have been in contact with many labs and have used multiple different labs for testing. If we get a good CBD test result back on a product, does that mean the product is actually good? And if we get a bad result back, does that mean that product is actually bad?

The answer might be a little gray. A certificate of analysis for CBD lab testing should be consistent from sample to sample and lab to lab, but we have found that is not the case. We sent a sample from a very reputable brand to a lab and the lab tested CBD results showed slightly over half of the labeled concentration.

Because the company who sent the sample is very reputable, we asked the lab to retest the product and sent another sample from the same bottle to a different lab testing facility as well. The first lab we used gave us a new certificate of analysis that showed CBD almost 3 times higher than the first CBD lab results and almost two times higher than the labeled claim.

The new CBD testing lab gave us a Certificate of Analysis that actually matched the label claim. So the question becomes, “who is correct?” If any company can have their products retested if the certificate of analysis is not what they want, then how do we verify the certificate of analysis is legitimate?

We have also heard rumors of labs faking or altering test results for brands who pay them extra. This is not right and can harm you - the consumer. TruPotency is here to help guide you to safe and effective products by not only vetting CBD oil products, but also vetting CBD testing labs.

So what needs to change to make sure all products are legitimate? TruPotency can help with industry transparency, but to move forward as an industry we need legalization and regulation of cannabis based product. If there are strict testing and manufacturing regulations in place, then you can be more confident that the product was produced with good manufacturing practice and validly lab tested. Stringent standards are the only way to move the cannabis industry forward to producing safe and effective products.