Stress is one of the main reasons people turn to CBD. Whether the stress is from work, the spouse and kids, health, or any other reasons (or all of the above). A recent literature review of human studies suggests that CBD can indeed be helpful in stressful situations, but you want to know more. You can find out more about the basics as well as the science behind stress, CBD, and your health and wellness below.




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As of April 2020, the coronavirus is at the forefront of everyone's minds. The virus's deadly effects and the impact on the economy have made everyone much more stressed as a result.

Below is some information that may help you in these trying times.

Self-Care at a time of Self-Isolation with CBD

We are all dealing with big changes and being stuck at home is one of them. It is important to try and maintain some normalcy. Each one of us also has the opportunity to make changes for the better; find ways to manage stress, implement an at-home workout, and more. Learn more about taking charge of your mental and physical health in this post.

Can CBD Boost Immunity Against COVID-19?

There is a lot of misinformation out there, but the short answer is NO, CBD is not proven to help with SARS-COV-19 or COVID-19. If you want an in-depth look, then you can find more in this post. 



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Why is stress bad? Actually, just stress in and of itself is not bad, but too much stress for long periods of time can be. Stress can be beneficial and is part of your natural "fight or flight" system that needs to kick into gear to keep you alert and for best performance. However, this system can get turned on by work, relationship, money, or any other problems in your life and keep it turned on for too long.

The "fight or flight" system is in a fine balance with the "rest and digest" system. When our "fight or flight" system is turned on it actively suppresses the "rest and digest system", which can lead to an imbalance and hurt both mental and physical health and wellbeing.

As cited in the opening, CBD is thought to help on some level with stress. Cortisol is referred to as "the stress hormone" and is released during this "fight or flight" mode. Cortisol has its place in normal functioning, but when cortisol is too high for too long, you can have many issues properly regulating normal bodily processes. There is some evidence that CBD might be able to help reduce cortisol levels.

Read this article for a more in-depth look at the biology of stress.



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  • CBD is thought to boost your defense to everyday stressors to reduce cortisol and help you tackle problems with a sense of calm. Pair that with limonene and you have a great stress buster.
  • Different types of meditation including yoga, mindfulness, prayer, compasion, deep breathing, and more have been shown to help activate the "rest and digest" system.
  • Spend time in nature. Forest bathing is thought to activate your parasympathetic nervous system as well. It is also believed that pine forests will give off enough alpha-pinene (a terpene also found in cannabis) to help you feel uplifted. 
  • Taking a break and spending some extra time with your pet has been associated with less sympathetic activation.
  • Eating a healthy diet with fruits and veggies can help nourish and bolster your overall health, including resistance to stress. Your nervous system (and entire body) is like a machine that needs the best care to perform properly. If the oil in your sports car has turned to sludge and the tires are bald, do you think the car will perform very well?


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"When there is soreness (ie., joints, muscle, back) there tends to also be both more stress (increased cortisol and norepinephrine) with ongoing increased thoughts of the soreness as well as a lack of sleep due to the soreness and the on-going thoughts about the soreness. The increases in things like cortisol and norepinephrine will often result in disturbed sleep cycles. The lack of sleep can often result in the suppression of the immune system (or in other words) sleep is required for a good functioning immune system." - Dr. Todd Vanderah – TruPotency Science Advisor, and Professor and the Head of Pharmacology, The University of Arizona, College of Medicine


“Stress can be a key challenge to getting sleep, which is key to optimal health. Stress needs to be cleared before sleep. Otherwise, it can make it difficult to get to sleep or stress can seemingly ‘pop up’ in the middle of the night.“ Dr. Param Dedhia – Director of Sleep Medicine, Internal Medicine Physician and Integrative Doctor Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona




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CBD Products and Stress

Below are some articles focused on CBD products and their potential benefits to help you with stress.


Product Comparison Review: 4 CBD Products Designed for Stress

Here we compare side-by-side four products designed for stress.

Product Comparison Review: Beginner Orange Flavored CBD Tinctures

Orange tinctures have a high amount of the terpene limonene. Limonene is thought to help give you an uplifted mood and improve focus.

Absolute Top 6 Tested Best CBD Products for Stress - Review

A slightly older article with a different look at products that might help you with stress, including topical products for those with skin issues.




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How Does CBD work?

This article breaks down the molecular pharmacology of how CBD might be working. One major theory for CBD and stress is that CBD might be working on our body's serotonin system., which is well known to be associated with mood and stress.

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