Researchers at Baylor find Medterra CBD to help with arthritis in dogs

For some people, their pets are the center of their world, their “fur babies”. Many people may not call their pets “fur babies”, but they still love their pets like family and try to provide for them as best they can.

In trying to give their pets the best life possible, many pet owners are turning toward CBD for their dogs, cats, and other furry friends. Many owners have heard benefits ranging from anxiety reduction to pain and many other forms of relief. Indeed, sales of CBD for pets has skyrocketed over the last few years.

Much of what we know about the benefits of CBD are anecdotal, but new studies are coming out all the time that reinforce the benefits of CBD for both humans and animals. One exciting new study was done at Baylor University in Texas. The press release has a hopeful title for CBD moving forward: “Researchers find CBD improves arthritis symptoms in dogs”.

One reason this is hopeful is that dog and human arthritis are very similar, and we have a hard time treating pain caused by arthritis, both in animals and humans. So, this gives us more research to back the pain-relieving effects of CBD that may have benefit across species.

Another exciting aspect is that the researchers at Baylor College of Medicine partnered with Medterra CBD to use their products in this study. Medterra also happens to be one of the brands carried by TruPotency.

So, to be more specific, Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine found that Medterra CBD products helped dogs with arthritis pain.

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