Orange Peel CBD now available in Japan

Many of us have become instant home cooks during this period of self-isolation. Each week, there seems to be a new exciting recipe from TikTok or YouTube that we are dying to try. Pies, cakes, cocktails, you name it. Some of these recipes require you to scrape the rind of unwaxed citrus fruits just to add flavor to the dish or drink. Orange peel? Exactly. You might be on to something, but you just don’t know it yet. If you are a quarantining cook or just a regular OJ drinker trying to increase your vitamin C levels during this pandemic, remember this— the orange zest you’re adding to your drink or dish might have CBD in them.

Japan’s THC-free CBD

At an international cosmetics trade fair in Japan (Cosme Tokyo 2020), one company launched a line of CBD products that are not derived from hemp or cannabis. Hiro International unveiled CBD derived products from orange peel, and they are entirely THC-free. While they started as fruits and fruit juice importer, Hiro International now develops and supplies ingredients (usually extracts) to food, cosmetics, and the pharmaceutical industry. They have developed lotions, lip balms, and other cosmetic and hair care products from CBD oil extracted from orange peels. The company claims that CBD derived from orange peels has the same structure as hemp-derived CBD and offers the same therapeutic benefits. If these claims are valid, this is a massive deal for the CBD industry, and especially for Japan. Although available and legal, CBD is not as popular in Japan yet. Most of the CBD products available in the Japanese market are contaminated with traces of THC, which is highly illegal.

Japanese market are contaminated with traces of THC, which is highly illegal.

According to Ryouske Koseki, a spokesperson from Hiro International, one will get the same effects of hemp-derived CBD, but without the dangers of legality. He believes orange peel derived CBD creates a different narrative for Japanese consumers once they know the products do not come from cannabis. They have received a lot of interest globally and now considering overseas markets for their orange peel CBD products. One thing he points out is that they have not done any comparative studies between their orange peel CBD and hemp or cannabis-derived, but they will do this soon.


Orange peel CBD is currently only available in Japan, will the US be far behind? Are there other fruit rinds we can extract CBD from?