Benefits of CBD for Women’s Health and General Wellness

So, you’ve heard about CBD, but are wondering what CBD might actually be good for and why you should incorporate CBD into your daily health and wellness routine. There is also some question as to the quality of many brands, because some people are selling less than desirable products. Some have much less CBD than stated and others have harmful ingredients. We have for you a quick rundown on using CBD focused on women’s health, general wellness, and finding the highest quality CBD products. 


Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress affect us every day. A complex set of risk factors, including personality, genetics, brain chemistry, and life events, all contribute to stress and anxiety. We are all at risk, but women are about twice as likely as men to develop an anxiety disorder. That’s often because women are so busy taking care of everyone and everything around them -- kids, spouses, work, pets -- and they forget to take care of themselves.  

Although anxiety and stress are normal human emotions and responses, excessive worry, apprehension, fear, and nervousness negatively impact daily life. In today’s hectic world, it’s tough to avoid stress completely, but relief from the symptoms is possible -- exercise, meditation, and certain supplements or medication can contribute to this relief. CBD products may also help relieve symptoms of anxiety or stress.

There are many scientific studies and reviews looking at the potential of CBD to help with stress relief and anxiety. This includes helping reduce anxiety induced by public speaking. CBD can also help reduce an overactive mind at night to help you get to sleep and rest easier. Overall, CBD may be a good choice to try and help with everyday stressors and anxiety. 

Product Highlight: Populum - Premium Hemp Oil 500mg

This premium hemp oil is full spectrum, meaning you get more benefits from the "entourage effect" produced by CBC, beta-myrcene, alpha-pinene, linalool, ocimene. This can improve the hemp oil's effectiveness in relieving soreness after a workout or tight muscles after work and decreasing stress after a long day to help you rest easy. Limonene is well highlighted from the orange oil to help reduce stress and give you an uplifted feeling. This tincture also has a pleasant sweet orange taste making it a delight to take.


Dealing with Inflammation and pain (plus relief from Endometriosis)

Many people deal with everyday pain or soreness, whether you're feeling it after a strenuous workout, or you have a bum knee from years past. This pain can interfere with your daily life and can also keep you up at night. CBD might be the relief you need. CBD is thought to help with this everyday pain and inflammation.

Endometriosis can affect more than 11% of American women. Endo Warriors have to deal with very painful cramps, lower back and pelvic pain, painful sex, irritable bowel, and more. Studies are now underway to see how CBD may help relieve these symptoms as well.

While the research is still in the early days, CBD and its anti-inflammatory properties may be a good alternative to OTC medications and prescription drugs like opioids that have their own serious side effects.  

Product highlight: Global Xtracts - Phytocannabinoid-Rich Softgels + Curcumin 25mg-each 750mg-total

Made from broad-spectrum hemp oil, this CBD capsule also contains curcumin, packing even more anti-inflammation benefits to these capsules and enhancing properties that can help sore muscles after a workout or a long day at work. In addition, the nanoemulsion delivery system is designed to increase the absorption to greatly increase the supply of the beneficial compounds to your body. Because this is made from broad-spectrum hemp oil, you will also gain benefits of the "entourage effect" from CBDV, CBDA, beta-caryophyllene, and alpha humulene that will enhance the pain-relieving properties.


Dealing with skincare and ailments

We can’t deny this CBD skincare boom. A forecast made by Adroit Market Research shows the CBD skincare market to grow at 31.3% CAGR from 2019 to 2025, but what is the significance of CBD in skincare?  It’s more than just cosmetic. 

The benefits of CBD products for specific skin conditions often relates to its anti-inflammatory effects. In a 2007 research study, CBD, THC, and all tested cannabinoids were all found to inhibit the overproduction of skin cells (an occurrence common in people with psoriasis). The results indicate that cannabinoids inhibit keratinocyte proliferation and have enormous potential in psoriasis treatment.

In 2014, another study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that CBD could help regulate the skin’s oil production and effectively reduces breakouts and reduce inflammation associated with acne. CBD can also act as an antioxidant for general skin health and anti-aging properties. With all these benefits, why aren’t you adding CBD to your skincare routine?

Product highlight: Dr Kerklaan Therapeutics - Natural CBD Sleep Cream with a Calming Sensation 2 fl oz 120mg

Made with melatonin, mandarin, and verbena this CBD cream can help maintain skin health and hydration. Melatonin is normally thought of for sleep, but it is thought to also help keep skin healthy and fight aging by acting as an antioxidant among other beneficial qualities.


Dealing with PMS symptoms

Many of the benefits of CBD will tend to help with common PMS symptoms. CBD’s effect on general reduction in pain and inflammation can help, along with reducing anxiety and improving mood can really take care of many symptoms associated with PMS. 

Other CBD benefits that may help with symptoms associated with PMS is using a topical product helping to fight acne that may become worse. And some women suffer from nausea and digestive issues, which CBD can also help ease. So, if you are someone who struggles around “that time of the month”, then CBD may give you the relief you need.

Product highlight: The Good Patch - Hemp Infused Period Patch

These transdermal patches are designed to consistently release their contents throughout your day or night for lasting relief. Along with 15mg of organically grown, non-GMO hemp extract, these patches will deliver black cohosh and menthol, designed to help with PMS and period discomfort. Note: Should be worn on the lower abdomen.


Improve things in the bedroom

CBD is being incorporated into many couples’ sex lives. Is this just wishful thinking -- actually not, but what benefit does CBD bring to women in these relationships? Well for some, sex can be somewhat anxiety inducing and stressful, so CBD can help you to relax into a more sensual experience. For some, sex might be painful, and CBD can help with that. For those without these worries, CBD can still enhance your sexual experience.

There is a receptor, called TRPA1, found in the clitoris that is associated with an increase in nitric oxide, which in turn causes an increase in blood flow. Why do we care? Well, it just so happens that CBD can activate TRPA1 receptors to help increase blood flow, leading to enhanced sensitivity. Try adding CBD to your sex life to find increased satisfaction!

Product Highlight: Medterra - CBD Tincture 1000mg

This tincture is made with two simple ingredients: MCT oil and 99%+ pure CBD isolate made from organically grown, non-GMO hemp. Although not a typicall sex lubricant, CBD tinctures are normally taken by mouth, but are completely safe for the skin. MCT oil can be made from fractionated coconut oil, and some natural oils have been shown to weaken latex condoms, so avoid this if you are using a condom.


Getting the shut-eye you need

Everyone knows that getting a good night’s sleep is important for both mental and physical health. And lack of sleep can be detrimental for your overall health and well-being, including reduced immune function, skin aging, poor mood, and more. Also, women report sleeping disorders about 33% higher than men

Many people are wondering if CBD can help them sleep better and the answer may be more complicated than a simple yes or no. CBD will not act like THC to get you “high” leading to common drowsiness afterward. CBD is not considered a sedative, like Ambien, or other sleep-inducing medications you may have heard of, like melatonin.

However, CBD may help reduce pain and anxiety that keep you up at night. Maybe aching joints from years past or sore, cramping muscles from a hard workout keep you up at night. Or maybe you have trouble stopping the endless string of worrying thoughts. In this way the CBD can help reduce these feelings to let you rest easier at night. 

Product Highlight: Plant People - Sleep + Drops 720mg

These CBD drops are designed to help you get the sleep you need. CBN is the main cannabinoid that will add to the sedative effect, but the drops also have moderate levels of CBC that can help relieve pain keeping you awake as well. The drops include many terpenes, like linalool and nerolidol, that can act synergistically with the cannabinoids to enhance their effect, giving you greater relaxation and sedation for better sleep.


Where to find the highest quality CBD products -

Unfortunately, with the explosion of over 1,000+ CBD based brands launched in 2019 it’s virtually impossible for consumers to tease out which companies are invested in making the highest quality CBD products versus those looking to make a quick buck off the hype.

TruPotency is your independent guide to hemp-derived cannabinoid wellness. Using laboratory testing, data algorithms and a world class Advisory Board of scientists and MDs, we lab test and analyze every product we sell. We make available the products that are exceptional, then tell you what you need to know to make informed decisions on which product is right for you.

Prior to launching we blind tested over 300 products with ISO Certified independent laboratories, and that number is only growing. We are a unique source for testing the multitude of brands and products on the market, which gives you many options as well as confidence in the quality of the products you use.