TruPotency and Ellementa Webinar - CBD: The Real Deal

On November 13th TruPotency had the opportunity to partner with Ellementa for an educational webinar all around CBD. Aliza Sherman (CO-CEO of Ellementa) and Austin Flohrschutz (Director of Science at TruPotency) have some great conversations and science based information for you, so check out the video below. 

About Ellementa

As people begin to better understand that cannabis is a medicinal plant – and as more states legalize its use – many women are asking:

“Is cannabis right for me, for my loved ones, for my partner?”

Ellementa is a global wellness company educating women about plant medicine, including cannabis and CBD, and guiding them to quality products from trusted brands that want to reach them.

We’re a women-owned company formed to connect women with trusted information, supportive community, and reliable resources focused on the health and wellness benefits of cannabis. We guide women on how to integrate cannabis legally, safely, and discreetly into their lives and introduce them to experts as well as brands with quality products and services to serve them.

We bring together diverse women with different levels of experience with cannabis – from the long-time consumer to the curious and exploring, from the medical user to the woman looking for a natural way to unwind at the end of the day. We connect women with trusted experts and brands so they can make educated decisions about the products and services they purchase on their cannabis journey.

About TruPotency

CBD. You’ve heard all about it but know almost nothing. That’s most of us.

Maybe your friend swears by it. Maybe you’ve tried it. Or just want to. For aches and pains. For worries and late nights. For your loved ones, your dog or your bum knee.

TruPotency is your independent guide to hemp-derived cannabinoid wellness. Using laboratory testing, data algorithms and a world class Advisory Board of scientists and MDs, we lab test and analyze every product we sell. We tell you what you need to know, then make available the products that are exceptional.

TruPotency has assembled a diverse science advisory board of PhD scientists, doctors, and wellness professionals to push the boundaries of our scientific understanding. Our common thread is the study of cannabinoids and drug interactions within the body. From neuroscience, to cancer research, to dermatology, and plant microbiology, our collective goal is to use our knowledge to bring you the purest, most effective and safe cannabinoid products.

It’s not just about making sure a bottle has the labeled amount of cannabinoids. It’s also about testing for pesticides that could come from questionable growing practices, heavy metals from bad extraction techniques, and molds that can show up in organic material. No one has been willing to be a watchdog, so we are motivated to take on this task.

The Webinar - CBD: The Real Deal

During this webinar we cover many topics listed below. We hope you enjoy this fun and informative talk about CBD.

  • Who are TruPotency and Ellementa?
  • Plant medicine and cannabis.
  • The endocannabinoid system.
  • Cannabinoids + Terpenes = Entourage Effect
  • CBD: psychoactive vs intoxicating. CBD doesn’t get you high.
  • How does CBD work? 
  • Where does CBD come from?
  • Different formulations of CBD products (isolate, broad spectrum full spectrum).
  • Type of CBD products (tincture, capsules, creams, and more)
  • Therapeutic potential of CBD.
  • How much CBD should I take?
  • CBD safety and drug interactions. 
  • CBD oil vs hemp seed oil
  • Knowing good from bad CBD products. 
  • Bioavailability and absorption.
  • Plus Q&A